How does this help open up Environmental Science?

  • A user-friendly technology for students to use for presentations/assessments.
  • Assist students in group work - good for brain storming ideas. Could be particularly good for brainstorming project work ideas.
  • Anonymous setting allows a safe place for students to ask questions/share ideas.
  • The technology is very simple and flexible, you can add images, text, links.
  • Lecturers can use different colour post-its to organise ideas.
  • The lecture can create a model/example etc, can add prompts to the jamboard.


Are there barriers to the learners?

  • There could be issues with bandwidth (this needs testing)
  • We need to check with an EDI expert how this application interacts with, for example, screenreaders.
  • Learners need to be able to write concisely,
  • Sometimes the need to write something can constrain discussion.