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Hackathon – 22nd February 2022, online via TEAMS.

In February 2022, we successfully held a hackathon to capture and explore existing approaches to EDI and digital practices in field teaching based on the experiences of academic staff. Building on the responses from our participatory groups, as the image below reveals, we have been developing our ideas to better support the community to adopt more inclusive approaches to field trip delivery.

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Workshop – 11th May 2022, Reichel Hall, Bangor University.

We are holding an in-person event at Reichel Hall, Bangor University to collaboratively explore the hub-space (website), develop our 10 ways to make fieldwork more inclusive booklet, and to discuss where we go next in terms of EDI, digital practices, field teaching, collaboration, sharing and innovation, and how to build our communities of practice to truly breakdown the silos!


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Horizons in STEM Higher Education Conference: Making Connections, innovating, and sharing pedagogies (held at UCL) 29.06.2022 to 30.06.2022.

We delivered a workshop for participants on developing inclusive field teaching. The session was well attended.



Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference 2022 (held at Newcastle University) 30.08.2022 to 02.09.2022.

We convened two session: oral presentations and a panel session. We delivered a paper on 'Growing an inclusive teaching environment'. Dr Lynda Yorke was an invited discussant on Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Geography and Environmental Sciences panel