One of the aspects of fieldtrips I struggle with is accommodation. Normally we have a lot of room with high occupancy (6 to 8 students in a room).

This is because of costs and often the types of accommodation in the areas (such as Youth Hostels). In these instances, we only have a very small number of rooms for single or double occupancy. I always struggle to divide those equitably up and I never know what the best approach is or how students perceive those allocations in terms of fairness.


We are finding accommodation to be becoming an increasing issue and the accommodation we use isn’t always set up for us to manage the diverse needs of our students. For example, there may be students who need individual rooms for medical reasons/social anxiety, or we need to accommodate students with gender identity needs. With financial implications to consider, student needs to consider and the accommodation that is available it isn’t always possible to do what we’d ideally like to do.