Often fieldtrips require a written record of activities that have taken place during the day and often this is in the form of a field notebook.

This can be a challenge for students with dyslexia or other neuro-divergent students where writing and processing may take a bit longer. Students may not have time to get a good written record of each stop/activity, especially if there are multiple locations and multiple activities taking place during the day. As a result, we have now removed most of the note taking elements from our field assessment. There is still some requirement for the students to record the field days, but they can do that in their own way and use these as notes later on. Our assessments, either in the evening of the trip or completed just after the trip, focus much more on the field experience they have gained rather than the written record of what happened each day. This allows the student to approach the assessment in a different way, other than writing in a field notebook.