We always ask students to highlight things that might impact them during fieldwork. This student wears two hearing aids which in the class room can pick up the Induction Loop. However, in the field there is no additional 'technical' help.

The student needed to make sure she could also see the face of any speakers out in the field in order to lip read and fill in any gaps (usually due to wind noise as hearing aid amplify everything). So she did appear to be the student always at the front / in the way, we set up a system so I always checked she had line of sight at each stop-to-talk along the route of the fieldtrip.

This was a useful learning experience for me as the fieldtrip leader. I now always try to ensure that the whole class can both see and hear me in the field, keep the talking bits short and clear, re-enforce key points and refer to any back up in writing as required.

Using pre-recorded, authentic, field explainers that students can then access on their phones on a personal guided tour of a site prior to a field visit or as a follow up. Enables a script to be produced so that students with hearing impairments can access the information when it is difficult to hear or lip read.